Monday, June 23, 2008

Sheet Set Publishing Part 1

Since I began working with Sheet Sets, I've used the "Insert Sheet List Table" on my cover page. However, I ran into one issue almost immediately. How do you add a sheet that is being plotted by another firm (such as the landscape and electrical plans)? Here's how I resolved the issue:

  1. Create a blank drawing in your plans directory and name it "Sheets_By_Others.dwg" or something that seems appropriate for the sheets. Since there will be nothing in the drawing and layouts, it's not necessary to create a separate drawing for each sheet.

  2. Create a separate layout for each sheet that will be plotted such as L-1, E-2, etc.

  3. Add these layouts to your sheet set. Include the sheet name and descriptions as shown on the sheets you received from the other firm such as "Landscape Details and Calculations" just as you want it to appear on your sheet list table.

  4. In the Sheet Set Manager, right click on the sheet name (L-1 for example) and choose "Properties...".

  5. The fourth option from the top is "Include for publish". Change this property from Yes to No. This will keep the blank layout from plotting when you publish your set by right clicking on the sheet set name and selecting one of the "Publish" options.