Monday, October 6, 2008

Image Plotting Issues

Today we had a repeat issue of plotting a sheet from paperspace that contained tiff images of a two page subdivision plat in model space. The preview looked correct, and everything on the sheet plotted except the two images of the plat. The Plot and Publish Details showed that the plot had been canceled though it wasn't the user that canceled it.

  • We plotted the layout to a different plotter with the same results.
  • We plotted the layout to a DWF and the images appear as expected.
  • We plotted the layout from a different computer and it plotted fine.

At this point, we decided it had to be computer specific. We contacted DC|CADD and Mark Martinez recommended that we uninstall and reinstall driver, plotter, etc. before proceeding any further. We got the same results (everything but the image was plotting) after the reinstall.

So, now we're thinking maybe it's a memory issue. We checked the system settings and the /3GB switch was not enabled on the problem computer. We changed the System Startup settings so that the /3GB switch would be enabled upon boot, then we rebooted the system.

After the reboot, the resulting plot contains everything on the sheet including the two images.

After the plot worked, we checked the size of the tiff images. (Yes, I know, why didn't we do that at the beginning.) Both images were under 300 KB. Hmmm, sounds small enough to me, but hey, I'm not going to look this gift horse in the mouth.



Lisa said...

I had some similar problems, though my images were larger, in addition to the 3Gb switch I used two variables, RASTERPERCENT=75 and RASTERTHRESHOLD=75. I had to use these in combination with the 3Gb switch, your results may vary.

kima said...

thanks! had the same problem using two tiffs in the drawing, one plots, other doesn't, but if you rotate and use different scale... there it is... anyone plot to pdf's? can't seem to get lines merge to work even though it is part of my .pc3 file to do so...

TommieR said...

Maybe these blog posts will answer your questions. If not, just let me know.

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