Friday, February 6, 2009

2010 Product Launch

You can view recorded videos and download the 2010 Launch Press Materials here. There will be additional press releases today for the verticals (including Civil 3D). The videos will be posted and ready to view by everyone early next week using the same link.

Be sure and check Shaan's Between the Lines Blog for a link to today's webcast at 11am EST. Today's webcast will include a look at the Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Utilities and Geospatial 2010 Autodesk Product Line. This includes a look at Civil 3D.

Also, the AutoCAD 2010 Launch Press Materials zip file includes some information on Civil 2010 (not Civil 3D 2010) since this product is built on AutoCAD, not AutoCAD Map. Hmmmm, might this be a sneak peak at Civil 3D 2010? We'll find out later today.

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