Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Quick Tip about Importing Styles and Settings

If you're using Civil 3D 2012, you've hopefully already heard about the ability to Import Styles and Settings. This new command is a real time saver but be careful, because you may not be getting everything you want.

Here are a few things you won't get by using the Import Styles Command:

  • Object Layer Settings (Use this workaround to transfer the settings to your current drawing)
  • Blocks and Layers not used in styles (Use Design Center to import all layers and blocks)
  • Description Key (Use old style drag & drop to import into your current drawing)
  • Parts Lists (Use old style drag & drop to import into your current drawing)
There may be more items that aren't imported, but those three items will definitely be missing if you use the Import Styles command.

Feel free to add comments for additional items that you find missing when you use the command.

Added Parts Lists per TimStalin's comment.


Eric Chappell said...

I've found that imported child styles, especially ones that are embedded several layers deep,can become corrupt by omitting a bunch of the configuration info. Anyone else seeing this?

TimStalin said...

I forgot to leave this comment when you first posted. Parts Lists also do not Import; they must be brought in through drag and drop as well.

Tommie Richardson said...

Yes, Eric. I've seen that happen as well. Very frustrating!

Tommie Richardson said...

Tim, you are correct about the parts lists not importing. It would be nice if those could be imported when a data shortcut is created also.