Wednesday, December 3, 2008

AU 2008: Class Day 2

Wednesday at AU 2008.

T. J., Margie and I spent some time visiting with Peter Southwood of Autodesk about making AutoCAD Map do some things that ArcView can do. As for me, I learned a lot during that short time and really wanted to stay and talk with him more, but I had a class to attend. As if the information he gave us wasn't enough, he also gave us a cool parting gift (an Eco-friendly Solar Charger). SWEET! Maybe we asked some really good questions.

The action recorder class with Lee Ambrosius was very good and my lab partner was from nearby Temple, Tx. As we were leaving class, I mentioned that I should be seeing her in Temple in February during the Civil 3D User Group meeting. That's when she asked if I had ever been at the college in Temple. I laughed and said yes, that I presented there in February, 2008. She then explained that the whole time we sat by each other, she felt that she recognized me, but couldn't quite place where or when. Now she knows.

The subscription lunch finally had something that was halfway edible for me (I'm such a picky eater) and the topic wasn't bad either. More info on how subscription customers will be getting more for their money. Since there were still a few open chairs in the room, I sent a text message to T. J. to come join Margie and me at the luncheon. He liked the food much more than I did, but that doesn't surprise me.

The afternoon Detention Pond Design class was really good even though I had to leave early to attend James Wedding's AU Unplugged session. I will definitely be watching the video of this session when it gets posted. I learned so much in the first hour of that class that I now feel that using the H&H software might be worth investing some of my time. So if any of you know John Sayre, tell him I said thanks for presenting a great class in a way that us less experienced folks could learn something. John really took the bite out of some of those H&H acronyms. Also, tell him that I'm sorry for bugging out early, but blame James for that one.

James' AU Unplugged session proved to me that many of the problems we face with project setup and directory structure are not unlike those that other companies face. It seems that there are many ways to skin that cat and there's no right or wrong answer in a lot of cases. Is there room for improvement? Always. Some improvements can be achieved by us as users and CAD Managers, and some will require help from Autodesk. We'll see where the future takes us.

I missed the AUGI annual meeting because I was attending Dana Probert's Point Cloud class. Good class and great handout (even if it was put together in the wrong order). I always learn someting in Dana's classes. Even if it's just applying the things that she teaches in a different way. Dana even gave us an incentive to fill out our class surveys. If we filled everything out before 8pm Wed. night, we could enter a drawing for a chance to win a free AU pass for next year. Well, Dana, I pulled out my handy dandy laptop and tried to do that very thing. I logged onto the website and the survey for your class was not available yet. I did confirm, however, that all my other surveys had been entered. Does this mean I'm still in the running for a pass or not?

I finished off the evening with dinner at the exhibit hall and I even played what I think was Guitar Hero on a wii. Some people will do just about anything for a chance to win a Mastering Civil 3D 2009 book. Okay maybe it was the chance to win a wii and the open bar that got people out there making fools of themselves. Lisa Pohlmeyer was kind enough to video the moment for me (I was trying my best to play bass guitar) so I'll get that posted as soon as I can.

As for Tuesday's post, I'm hoping to have it approved by lunch tomorrow. Until then, I hope all the AU attendees have a great evening and don't snore in class tomorrow morning.

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