Saturday, January 12, 2008

Become an AutoCAD Power User #1

Here's a few tips and tricks for AutoCAD users:
  • What the heck does this icon represent?
    This icon is usually found in the options dialog box and it is used to indicate that a setting is drawing specific. For example, "Retain changes to Xref layers".

  • Items in (Parenthesis) help define the command such as:

    "Select up slope part in plan (Pipe or Structure):" which means you can select either a Pipe or a Structure for this command.

  • When a command has different options, the options will be appear in brackets with capital letters for the hot key such as:

    "Specify next point or [Arc/Halfwidth/Length/Undo/Width]:" which means you only have to type A and press enter to change to Arc mode while drawing a pline.

  • When you see a value or command in , that is the default value that will be used if you just press enter. For example:

    "Specify view twist angle <0.00>:" Pressing enter at this prompt will default to the value of 0.00.

  • Holding shift with ortho OFF, will result in a temporary ortho ON state. Holding shift with ortho ON, will result in a temporary ortho OFF sate.

  • Learn those default aliases for common commands such as:
    • a (arc)
    • c (circle)
    • co (copy)
    • l (line)
    • li (list)
    • m (move)
    • mt (mtext)
    • op (options)
    • rea (regenall)
    • ro (rotate)
    • pe (pedit)
    • pl (polyline)
    • rec (rectangle)
    • spl (spline)

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