Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Take Control of Your Double Clicks

A while back I read a great post by Dominick Gallegos:

Editing Note Labels-Right Click No More!

That post inspired me to go crazy with creating double click text edits for Civil 3D labels. I created all of them in the civil.cui file then transferred them to a custom.cui file for others to use. Of course now I'm very spoiled about double clicking any Civil 3D label that allows editing such as sag and crest curve labels in profile views.

Well, today I was editing some dimension text and I tried the double click thing but nothing happened (because I keep the properties palette open on my second monitor). I grumbled, typed ed and pressed enter to make my edits.

As I was working on my third or fourth dimension text edit, I remembered Dominick's post and something occurred to me: Why not just change the default double click action for a dimension?

So I popped open the cui and did just that. Now I'm back to working efficiently with my double click text edits.

Here's how I made the change:

  1. Open Civil 3D and make sure that your current workspace is saved.
  2. Execute the CUI command to access the Customize User Interface dialog box.
  3. In the dropdown list box at the top left section of the dialog, select "acad.cui"
  4. Left click on the next to Double Click Actions.
  5. Scroll down and left click on the next to "Dimension".
  6. It is currently set to "Properties" but we need to create a new command for it.
  7. Click on the "create new command" star near the middle of the dialog.

  8. Now on the right side of the CUI dialog, you can find the properties of the new command "Command1".
  9. Change the Command Name to "Edit Text".
  10. Change the Macro from "^C^C" to "_ed;".
  11. Back on the left side of the CUI dialog, left click and hold on "Edit Text" under the Command List.
  12. Drag the command until your cursor is directly on the word "Dimension" in the acad.cui double click list.
  13. When you release the left click, the "Properties" command will be replaced by your new "Edit Text" command.
  14. Left click on the save icon next to the cui dropdown list, Apply, and OK.

Now go double click a dimension and make sure it works. Don't forget to make other changes as well, such as double clicking a line could be pedit;y;j; for pedit, convert to pline-yes, then j for join (optional).

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